Brian Gilchrist, Christopher Regan and Ryan Santurri secured a major victory for Omega Patents, LLC. Omega asserted that CalAmp Corp. had infringed several of its patents related to electronic interfaces with a vehicle’s data bus

Following seven days of trial, the jury awarded Omega $2,975,200 for CalAmp’s infringement.  The jury also found CalAmp had willfully infringed the patents. CalAmp’s efforts to invalidate the patent were rejected by the jury.  Following the jury trial, the Middle District of Florida entered a final judgment in favor of Omega Patents, LLC for $10,144,286 (dkt-211), which included enhanced damages, attorney’s fees, costs and interest, against Calamp. Omega is recognized as a pioneer in the automotive electronic communication fields and has over 150 patents in the field. The Allen Dyer trial team expressed great appreciation for the jury and the Court’s efforts in sorting through technical testimony and evidence to arrive at a just resolution.


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