Protecting innovation and creativity is a complex endeavor, but one that is becoming more critical as technology becomes both a source of revenue and a potential trap for individuals and corporations alike. Defending and enforcing intellectual property rights requires practical experience and the ability to fully understand complex matters, digest the salient facts and legal issues, and present a client’s case in an understandable and meaningful way. At ADD+G, our breadth of knowledge across technologies can be leveraged both in the acquisition and litigation of intellectual property. ADD+G represents clients in litigation across all types of intellectual property disputes, including those involving patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, unfair competition, and deceptive trade practice.


Many businesses and individuals have recognized the incredible potential for value in intellectual property rights, and the need to build and protect that value by enforcing these rights through court action. Intellectual property litigation encompasses a wide array of legal rights and technologies. ADD+G has a team of litigators with a wide array of subject matter expertise, several of whom are Florida Bar Certified in intellectual property litigation, who have successfully pursued claims on behalf of clients large and small. For example, ADD+G’s intellectual property lawyers have litigated patents ranging from complex electronics to less complicated mechanical devices. ADD+G has been involved in litigation under the Copyright Act for software of various types and sought to protect the trademark rights of its clients under the Lanham Act. This expertise extends beyond patents, trademarks and copyrights into other types of intellectual property disputes, including proceedings in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution. ADD+G provides the expertise and strategy to protect and defend your intellectual property rights.


ADD+G clients run the gamut, ranging from individuals to multinational companies and everywhere in between. ADD+G sets itself apart from other firms with an individualized litigation strategy that is aligned with each client’s specific goals, because the size, sophistication and resources of clients differ. Strategies differ depending on the client, but ADD+G is committed to managing and staffing every dispute as efficiently as possible to achieve the goals of each client.


The litigation team at ADD+G has tried intellectual property cases in various locations across the nation involving mechanical, electrical, software, medical devices, engineering, chemical, architecture and other technologies. This experience extends to disputes in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, including post-grant actions such as inter partes reviews and trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings. ADD+G also has considerable experience representing clients at various Court of Appeals. Whatever the needs of the client, ADD+G has the right expertise to generate results.

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