ADD+G Shareholder Ryan Santurri Wins Multi-Million Dollar Trademark and Unfair Competition Judgment

ADD+G Shareholder Ryan T. Santurri was the lead attorney in a two-week trial completed in September 2022 related to the defendants’ improper use of plaintiff’s registered trademarks in a scheme to deceive customers and divert and/or destroy plaintiff’s business. The jury found defendants were responsible on all claims at trial, found willful infringement, and awarded more than $28 million dollars based on claims of trademark counterfeiting, unfair competition, and civil racketeering (amongst other claims). The defendants were also permanently enjoined from further use of the asserted trademarks. This was a resounding win for the plaintiff achieved by the ADD+G litigation team led by Mr. Santurri. The case is Platinum Properties Investor Network, Inc., et al. v. Charles Sells et al., case 0:18-cv-61907-JMS, in the Southern District of Florida. A copy of the final judgment can be found here.

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