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IP Litigation

At Allen, Dyer, Doppelt + Gilchrist, we know you want to protect your brand, idea, or business information. The problem is that intellectual property law can be complex, which can leave you vulnerable to all kinds of risks, including loss of your time, money, or IP. 

We believe you deserve competent, experienced representation to protect you. We understand how valuable your business and ideas are, and you shouldn’t have to worry about them staying yours.

Since 1972, we’ve helped everyone from major brands to individual inventors safeguard their most valuable assets. Our team of board-certified lawyers and registered patent attorneys have the credentials and experience needed to keep you well-informed and protected so you can be profitable.

Though intangible, your intellectual property is incredibly valuable.

When properly protected, it enhances the value of your business and ensures your long-term success.

No matter where you’re located, our team of intellectual property board-certified attorneys and registered patent attorneys are ready to help you protect what’s yours. Our IP law firm has offices in Orlando, Miami, Winter Springs, and Jacksonville where we serve national and international corporations, in addition to individual entrepreneurs.

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