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Hiring a trademark attorney is an important decision. Our highly skilled and experienced trademark attorneys help businesses protect their valuable marks – from trademark registration to licensing – and assist when potential trademark litigation arises. With our experience and attention to detail, we can make sure your trademarks are properly protected and enforced, and help navigate trademark infringement claims by others.

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Our Trademark Law Firm's Services

ADD+G’s trademark attorneys assist all types and sizes of clients with protecting and enforcing their trademarks rights. This includes start-up companies and entrepreneurs as well as international clients with a world-wide presence. Our network of foreign trademark associates allows ADD+G to coordinate your trademark rights seamlessly between the U.S. and abroad.

Trademark Acquisition

ADD+G’s trademark acquisition services include the registration, maintenance, and renewal of trademarks in the United States and worldwide.

This includes the preparation, filing, and prosecution of new trademark applications and timely renewing your trademark registrations to keep them active.

We can assist in applications for trademarks on all types of good and services including trademarks used on regulated products (e.g. cannabis, drug paraphernalia) and activities (e.g. gambling and wagering, retail stores featuring controlled substances) that are subject to additional review by the USPTO.

Trademark Counseling

ADD+G’s trademark attorneys have extensive experience in counseling clients as to their trademark rights.

For example, we perform trademark clearance searches and analyze the trademark search results using our significant experience to provide the best possible advice for our clients in the trademark registration process. Moreover, trademarks are valuable assets and ADD+G’s trademark attorneys assist clients in the due diligence process in connection with mergers and acquisitions transactions. Our services also include performing trademark portfolio audits and strategic counseling to our clients to determine the most effective approach to protecting and enforcing their trademark rights.

Trademark Litigation

ADD+G’s trademark attorneys have developed a reputation over 50 years for vigorously protecting and successful enforcing our client’s trademark rights in state and Federal courts.

Most often trademark disputes are handled through the Federal court system for violations of the Lanham Act. The Lanham Act provides for a national system of trademark registration and protects the owner of a federally registered mark against the use of similar marks if such use is likely to result in consumer confusion, or if the dilution of a famous mark is likely to occur.  In addition, even unregistered trademarks are protected under the Lanham Act in order to prevent consumer confusion as to the source, sponsorship or affiliation of a product or service. States also have similar state trademark laws against unfair competition and deceptive trade practices.

We understand how valuable your business and ideas are, and you shouldn’t have to worry about them staying yours.

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ADD+G has been named one of the Top 50 trademark firms by the trade journal Intellectual Property Today, based on the number of United States trademark registrations granted, and a Top 50 trademark firm by Trademark Insider.