ADD+G Miami Attorneys Granted Rare Order to Serve Bulgarian Defendants, accused of Trade Secret Theft, via LinkedIn Message

ADD+G attorneys Robert H. Thornburg and Cameron C. Murphy successful moved Honorable Judge Edwin Torres in the Southern District of Florida for an order for alternative service of process for purposes regarding two Bulgarian based software developers – via LinkedIn Message – in a trade secret misappropriation action entitled Kipu Systems LLC v. ZenCharts LLC et al (Case No. 17:24733-CIV-WILLIAMS).    ADD+G is co-counseling the action with Christopher B. Spuches and Jake M. Greenberg from Miami based Agentis Law (www.AgentisLaw.com).


A copy of the underlying Complaint and the March 29, 2018 Order are attached hereto.2018-03-29 Order Granting Alternative Service of Process Complaint Kipu Systems vs ZenCharts et al

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