ADD+G represented Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education, in registering the mark UPSTANDERS STANDUP TO BULLYING

Shareholder Ava K. Doppelt was sent a wholehearted letter from Pamela C. Kancher, Executive Director of  Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center of Florida, for providing legal expertise and guidance.  

Dear Ava,

How can I begin to thank you for generously providing your time and legal expertise to our Holocaust Center over these past few years? Because of you and your incredible staff we finally have our Trademark on Upstanders Stand Up To Bullying.

Rooted in Holocaust education, the UpStanders bullying prevention program provides students with the knowledge they need to be positive change agents in their school. Students are empowered to stand up and speak out if they witness bullying. As 9- 10 bullying incidents occur when no adults are present, students play a vital role in both bullying prevention and the promotion of a positive school climate where all students feel safe and respected.

Since launching the Upstanders initiative in 2010, we have served over 25,00 students from 65 schools in 4 districts, Evaluation results from the Eripio institute indicate that 99% of students learned how to prevent bullying as a result of their participation in the program. The initiative, which provides teacher training as well, also resulted in a 13% increase in students who feel there is caring adult at their school that they can go to about bullying issues. While 13% sounds like a small increase, to students and parents this represents a huge shift in behavior!

On behalf of the entire Holocaust Center Board of Directors, thank you again for sharing your time, talent and treasure with us!


Pam Kancher

Executive Director


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